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Ana Correal is an artist of digital and traditional mediums who creates otherworldly and mystifying artworks of a somber beauty and enigmatic motifs, as manifestations of personal explorations on identity, emotion and reality.
She studied Visual Arts with a graphic emphasis at the Xavierian University in Bogotá, and is currently working internationally as a freelancer for publications, musicians, audiovisual producers, among several other types of companies and clients. Her commercial, graphic design training is complemented by her artistic value which brings them together in a rich, unified work.
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My art is of an introspective and existential nature, and its visual expression a testimony of the unpredictable play of the imagination over the unconscious mind, which explores our human condition and what lies beyond what is perceptible to the senses; the otherside, the preternatural, the metaphysical, the occult, the world of the mind and the world of dreams.

As an artist, I tap into the dynamic, intuitive and visceral nature of the human psyche; I am an adamant advocate for the revendication of emotional expression in the arts, as a reaction to an excessive and reckless hyper-rationalization of life and the excess of logical, consequent-driven mentality. I strive for every creative expression to serve as a potential proverbial door to another world of perception. A limelight over our very nature, identity, and our personal understanding of existence.

The mediums I prefer are both digital and traditional. On the digital aspect, I create complex photo compositions that combine a myriad of photographic resources, digital painting and scans of painted textures, into a new, whole, seamless artwork. On the traditional side I am hopelessly attracted to graphite, coloured pencils and watercolours. My true artistic expression is complemented and exalted by the use of these two seemingly opposite mediums. In the technical aspect as in a conceptual one, I find that the true essence of life, lies within two opposing forces; be it Digital vs. Analog, Lights vs. Shadow, Reason vs. Emotion, Past vs. Present, Real vs. Imaginary or Civilization vs. Nature.

My visual language speaks in metaphors and allegories; an essentially symbolist approach to conveying an already abstract and complex amalgam of emotions, concepts and thoughts, which gives way to the mystifying and uncanny nature of the artwork. I draw my inspirations from Folklore, ancient and modern Mythology, Nature, the Surrealist, Romantic, Symbolist and Pre Raphaelite movements, XIX Century Gothic Literature, Medieval Illuminations / Manuscripts, and music of a beautiful and powerful essence.

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